Super Simple Rig is a custom rig for 3ds Max I have been developing since 2008, and that I am using on all my character projects. Not satisified with the built-in 3ds Max character rigs, I decided to program my own simple and easy-to-use custom rigging system. I wanted something with minimal setup and high framerates that was simple to use. I've kept upgrading it for every new character project I've done, and I've just received a grant to add more functions and release it to the public.

Download and installation

Drag the file from your download folder into 3ds Max, and the install should start automatically. Make sure the file has a .mzp extension before start installing. Check out the video tutorial page for a demo of the installation.

Click here to see the release history.

Quick start guide

Proper documentation will come later, but here's a quick start:

1. Open Super Simple Rig Builder.
2. Give your character a name.
3. Click "Create Locators" to create the rig locator objects for your character. This is where your rig will be built.
4. Move the locator objects so that the skeleton fits inside your character.
5. Use the buttons inside the "Rig Position Tools" rollout to mirror or straighten your locators.
6. Change the presets inside the "Rig Creation Options" rollout to define your rig.
7. Click "Build Rig", and your rig is ready.
8. Bind your character to the bones in the "Skinning Bones" layer.
9. Your controllers are in the "Controllers" layer, but can be accessed using the "Super Character Selector" window. The controllers are shape objects, so set your Selection Filter to "Shapes" for a faster workflow - use the "filter" button in the Selector as a shortcut.
10. Check out the custom attributes in the modifier panel for more controls.
11. Enjoy!

User Agreement
By downloading the Super Simple Rig, you agree on the following:

You are not allowed to sell or in any way use portions of the script in any commercial products. The source code is there for you to study, to fix parts of it for personal projects, but it is not to be sold.

While I will do my best to fix major issues, downloading the script does not entitle you to support. I have been using it on my productions without problems, but you should still use it with caution. I will not be held responsible for loss of files or system data.

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