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I'm a dad!

Posted: 21. Aug 2009

Big news all around!

At half past seven, the 13th of August, my girlfriend gave birth to a lovely baby girl! At 4 kilograms and 51 centimeters, she wasn't exactly small, but then she's not that big either. Anyway, she's my most cherished creation so far, and I'm really looking forward getting to know her.

More gallery updates

Of course, there's some new stuff on the site as well. I have updated the project gallery, so there are three more projects in there to look at. I've got some other exciting projects ahead, looking forward to sharing them with you.

Here's a teaser image of one of my personal projects. They are businessmen in love, how sweet :) You'll see more images from this project pretty soon...

Pixelpark and a monster pitch

Posted: 20. May 2009

I dug through my backup disks the other day, searching for some old models, and found these two projects that deserved a place in my portfolio. Both of them very done at Toxic. The first one is a commercial for the german company Pixelpark. It is very different from most of the 3D work I traditionally do, being more a stylized and design-type film. Click here to read about it and see a quicktime of the commercial.

The second is portfolio piece is a quick pitch I did for a video game teaser trailer. I lost the pitch, but it's still a nice part of my portfolio. Click here to read more about it.

New projects in the galleries

Posted: 19. Apr 2009

New projects online

I have put up two more projects in the 3D Gallery. First is a commercial I co-directed this February for Stratos chocolate. It features a dancing cow, which is a new one for me. Click here to read about it and see a quicktime of the commercial.

Second is a teaser trailer for a video game called 'tisu. I can only show a couple of stills from it for now, but I will be able to show more later. Click here to see them, and to read a little bit about the project.

Character test

Since I left Toxic, 90% of the projects I have done have been character-based, which is great! This is definately the way I want to see my career going. Most of these projects have been fairly traditional, though. But that's too expect, if you look at the stuff I have in my portfolio. It's very easy to get pidgeonholed in this business (in any business, I assume). Before the end of the year, I hope to have some examples animated out that demonstrate some of the more experimental styles I want to do. Above you see one of the characters I am working on in my spare time.

Super Cubic update

Posted: 28. Feb 2009
The new version of the superCubic plugin is now on the site. This version is a bit more memory-efficient, and I have been able to convert panos up to 50.000 pixels wide in this version. This update also takes care of a bug that caused an erroneous pixel line at the beginning of the unwrapped pano. I have also renamed the plugin to 'superCubic', since people mistakenly called the plugin 'superrune'. Finally, I have updated the tutorial on how to use the plugin, which should clarify a couple of issues with the workflow. Click here to download the plugin and read more about it.

I have also done some minor updates on the site itself. The most significant one is that I pulled out the old blog-system and programmed a simple one myself. It's much easier to update the blog now, and I hope my posting-frequency will go up from the two-posts-per-year ratio that I've been on. We will see :)

3D printing fun!

Posted: 02. Nov 2008

I am in the process of updating my panorama-plugin. It's not a huge update, mainly a recompile with a slightly improved memory overhead. I have been able to convert panos of resolutions up to 40.000 pixels wide on my machine, which is five times as big as the previous version. I also figured out a workaround to make it convert float images, using look-up tables and a clever gamma conversion. With that I've managed to shave two steps out of my pano workflow, and I'm now able to do a high-quality full 360 HDRI pano in a matter of minutes. I'll try and get tutorials up before the end of the year that detail my pano workflow, as I think I've managed to come up with some stuff that might be interesting to others.

Work is real good these days, despite the economic turmoil around the globe. I will post some projects soon, as soon as I am out of my NDAs. I have been researching 3D-printing in my spare time, and have compared different printing vendors to see which one has the best compromise between quality and price. If you're interested, you can see some high resolution photos on my Flickr-account.

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