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Scripting and cutting up heads

Posted: 30. Jun 2008

Life is good

It's been four months since I turned self-employed, and I cannot remember having such a good time in years. So what have I been doing? Mostly illustration, actually. Above is a teaser on a series of illustrations I just finished in June. I find illustration to be a good break from the stress of post-production that I was used to in my old job.

A glimpse into the future

I've also been scripting a lot, and preparing a toolset that will make it easier for me to do character work. I have been focusing on three areas; rigging, shading and helper tools. For rigging, I am making a setup where I can click a button to put point objects in the scene, then these can be put inside a character, and press on a new button will create a rig between these points. Also, my quest continues for the fastest and best looking way of doing scattering, so I am programming a system that use vertex colours to spread light through a mesh. I've also written a simple shader that will combine the scattered light with the regular shading in a non-additive way. And finally I'm scripting tons of minor helper tools that speeds up other parts of the process, such as splitting facial morphs into left/right components. The image below show a fragment of the stuff I am working on:

I have some fantastic offers for projects after summer, from animation direction, television animation design and game teaser animation. All of them are character animation projects. For the first time in years, I am really looking forward to what I will be working on in the months ahead. I will use these projects to polish my toolset and be prepared enough to do my own animated shorts. So have a nice summer, everyone. I will keep you updated :)

Time for some changes

Posted: 09. Jan 2008

A change of location

Finally, we're done moving to the new apartment, after having worked pretty much non-stop from June to December. We had one week off in summer, and one in september, but apart from that we've been stuck with two unfinished apartments that needed attention. It's nice to finally have just one place to concentrate on, and no longer sleep in one part of town while refurbishing somewhere else.

Here's a little peek into our new place. I took a quick photo of what will be my new home office.

A change of vocation

Another big thing is happening. I haven't been happy with my professional life the past years, I've felt stuck at work and haven't met any of my creative goals. I have been working crazy late trying to do stuff in my spare time, but that has left me with little time for anything else - such as just relaxing. Before christmas I decided that enough was enough, and that it was time for a change. From the first of March I will leave Toxic, and return to freelancing!

That means I will finally get started on all the cool, personal projects that I've been itching to do. I'm really, really excited about this! I'll keep you posted!

Anybody doing panoramas out there?

Posted: 11. Jul 2007

Super Cubic released

I'm on my summer holiday now, three weeks of sun, relaxing in cafes and building legos... Well not exactly, we've just bought ourselves a new apartment, so I will be laying down a new floor and doing some hardcore painting for the unforseeable future.

Anyways, I've spent a couple of evenings tidying up my panorama workflow. One thing that has annoyed me is the endless converting and jumping in and out of software you have to do in order to create a good looking panorama. Thanks to FilterMeister, I managed to create a simple Photoshop filter that will remove at least a couple of steps from my workflow. Click on the image below to take a look, I hope you like it.

Have a nice summer until next time :)

Heat wave

Posted: 11. Jun 2007

I like trees

We've been stuck in a heat-wave here in Oslo the past week. It's been 32 degrees celcius in the shade today, which is quite extreme for a norwegian early summer. Despite this, I've found some time to work on my tree script. Actually, I've been reading technical papers and biology books on trees more than I've been doing any real programming. The script can do some simple trees at the moment, but I need to read about the subject some more before I decide when to move next.

Below you can see some trees that my script have generated. There's even some animation on the branches, but it looks more like tentacles grasping the sky than anything else! We're just about to do an animation job for a german company here at Toxic, and they want something inside a park. If I am lucky, that project will give me a chance to develop the script even more.

Upcoming talks

I'll be having two talks at this years End User Event 2007 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Check out the site for more information. I'm looking forward to visiting the Netherlands for the first time, please stop by if you are in the "neighborhood" :)

What a wonderful week (irony)

Posted: 15. Apr 2007
It's been one hell of a week. I'm working on two projects in parallell, doing a commercial in the normal working hours, and then preparing a lecture in the evenings. There's not enough time set aside to do both, but they both has to be done.

Just as the week was about to end, my 4000-member webforum decided to die on me. The server finally gave up, with so many disk errors I got BSOD by just opening any kind of program. On saturday I was so tired it felt like my eyeballs were bleeding. And on top of that, spring is here and my allergies are really going crazy.

Now the sun is shining outside, and even though everything in my body says I should stay inside, I'm going out to get some hours in the sun. I just need to get away from computers for at least one day now, even if it means working staying up all night next week.

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