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Not your grandfathers trolls!

Posted: 28. Oct 2010

Forget the cute mumbling trolls your grandfather told you about, with their porridge and rucksacks. Trolls are mean, vicious and lethal creatures, best kept within contained areas. Myths tells us they could be the unholy offspring between man and gnomes, or sad remnants of godly giants expelled from Valhalla. No matter what you believe, beware the woods at night, fear the cracking of rocks, and do not walk alone in the cold mountains.

I had a hand in bringing a couple of these trolls to life, and was responsible for one of the major VFX-sequences in the film! Check out my Troll Hunter project page to read about it!

A Design Award

Posted: 03. Apr 2010

Award time!

One of the jobs I did in 2008, the NTNU Heads, was just awarded the Honorary Award of Good Design from Norwegian Design Council. I had never heard of the price before, but after reading it up it seems to be really prestigious. Thanks to Agendum and Commando Group for letting me be a part of the project.

Mjau mjau test upgrade

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I was hoping to find time for some of my personal projects. Last weekend I found myself with some time off, and I decided to do something with my Jason project. I wasn't really supposed to finish off this project, but there's not much left to it - so why not. Here's a small preview.

I basically redid everything, from the models to the animation. Thanks to my new Super Simple Rigging system, I was able to do re-rig the character in a matter of hours. And with my new clip loading and saving system, I was able to quickly apply the same animation to all the shots (very clever of me to choose a walkcycle-based animation!). This was supposed to be a quick short film, but only now (after almost ten years) am I able to do it as quickly as I originally wanted! I hope this can be one of my next projects.

Don't call us, we'll call you

Posted: 09. Feb 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates

I've been on a large feature vfx job since October, and between work and spending time with my baby daughter there hasn't been much time to update the blog. The feature film will be delivered by the end of April, and I'm not taking any other projects until that is finished. If I find time available now, I'm concentrating on my short films. And that is what this update will be about: a quick update on my personal projects.

Getting my foot in

And how are things? So far, not so good. One of the major film funds in Norway had a deadline on the 1st of September last year. I submitted two projects, but both were denied funding. After that, I took my scripts and applications around for comments, and I have received mixed feedback. Getting into the direction business is a bit of a catch-22, it's hard to get funding unless you have made a film before. My reputation as the "photoreal VFX guy" is really starting to work against me here, but it's too late for me to go back to film school and start a new career that way. And there's no way I can make a proper short film without funding. If I get a well-paid job, I might be able to invest enough spare time to do a 1-2 minute short by myself, but that is too short to explore the kind of narrative and acting I want to see in animation. So funding it is.

What's next

Most of the feedback I has been very helpful. The best ones exposed holes and problems in my scripts and in my applications. So I am trying again. There was a new deadline on the 1st of February, and I resubmitted one of my applications. It will be interesting to see how it goes this time. If I get a positive, I might get started on a short film before summer. If I get a negative, I will look around for other people's scripts to direct. Good animation scripts seem to be far between in Norway, but I'm probably saying that because I've been too long in advertising. I am hoping that is the case.

Follow me on Twitter

As usual, I will keep you updated! (By the way, I am updating more frequently on Twitter, so subscribe to me there if you want to know what I'm up to!)

New website

Posted: 18. Sep 2009

Split personalitites

I spent the summer thinking about what has been my favourite projects, and what I really want to do in the future. I've really enjoyed the few directing jobs I've done, so I have decided that I should pursue my goal of becoming a director. Now, a director needs a proper website, and this one is just one big mess. So I made a new one!

Click your way over to www.runespaans.com to see my new professional website.

More stuff in the work section

www.superrune.com will be the home of my personal projects, it's the home of my blog and software, but it will probably get a lot messier in the future. To slim it down a little I decided to merge my 3D and Illustration Gallery into one Project Gallery. And just for fun, I am putting back some of my earliest artwork, first out are some of the images I did on the Commodore 64.

I'm a dad!

Posted: 21. Aug 2009

Big news all around!

At half past seven, the 13th of August, my girlfriend gave birth to a lovely baby girl! At 4 kilograms and 51 centimeters, she wasn't exactly small, but then she's not that big either. Anyway, she's my most cherished creation so far, and I'm really looking forward getting to know her.

More gallery updates

Of course, there's some new stuff on the site as well. I have updated the project gallery, so there are three more projects in there to look at. I've got some other exciting projects ahead, looking forward to sharing them with you.

Here's a teaser image of one of my personal projects. They are businessmen in love, how sweet :) You'll see more images from this project pretty soon...

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