Redux Paint for iPad

I've been wanting to get into creating Commodore 64 artwork again. I've missed that special combination of painting joy and technical challenge. Juggling pixels inside a limited resolution and palette puts me right in the zone, and I guess it's in many ways similar to adult colouring books.

There are many programs that lets you do C64 pixel art, but most of them are for Windows or Mac. I wanted to do pixel art in my free time, on my couch or at caf├ęs, and not spend any more time in front of my office workstation. I've been learning Python, and when I discovered the incredible Pythonista, it seemed like a perfect tool to create an iPad pixel app for myself.

I decided to name the app Redux Paint, which is a play on the name of the legendary Deluxe Paint for the Amiga. The inspiration for the UI is mostly Deluxe Paint, with a feature set focused on doing full screen bitmaps for the C64. It supports importing images from the Files app or from the Camera Roll, and you can export to PNG, Koala or PRG files.

Redux Paint is a work in progress and I have more features planned. But if you want to try it out, you can download the program from GitHub. Who knows, I might be able to make this into a proper app in the future.

Download and installation

The editor is written in Python using Pythonista for iPad. You need Pythonista installed on your iPad to run the code. There are instructions for how to setup Redux Paint inside Pythonista on the GitHub page linked below.

Sample Artwork

Here are some of the images I have painted while writing and testing Redux Paint.