X-35 Animation

About the project

While beta-testing the Brazil rendering system I realised I didn't have a good quality model to do my renders, all I had were half-finished models and teapots. I decided to do a proper model that could show some of the new features in Brazil r/s. After a couple of weeks modeling and texturing I ended up with this little jet fighter. The reason I chose this plane was that I had plenty of research lying around (after having modeled it for the JSF game). Also, when the plane underwent testing there were some super-hires stills on the web that really helped me figure out the surfacing details of the plane.

The lighting was made up of just one spotlight - the rest of the light was handled by the then-groundbreaking technique of skylight and global illumination. Skylight simulates a sphere throwing light onto the object, and global illumination simulates stray light reflecting and scattering around. Combined, these two give the model its natural feeling. As I predictet back then, the technique would revolutionize the way we light our CGI models, and has now turned into the default way of lighting for photorealism.

I put together this very short animation just for fun. Sound effects done by Arne Kaupang.

A V-Ray version of this plane is available for purchase from my Turbo Squid account.

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