Solan Animation

About the project

This is a chain smoking and whiskey-drinking bird called Solan Gundersen, who was invented by Kjell Aukrust and is very famous in Norway. There's been two animated features made with his characters: a stop-motion film (the charming Flåklypa Grand Prix) and a classically drawn film (the not-quite-so-charming Gurin Med Reverompa). This test was for a proposed third animated film with these popular Aukrust characters. I did this test in a period of about two weeks, to convince the studio that 3D could be a good alternative to stop-motion animation.

Looking back on it now, I'm sure it seems crude and pointless to most of you - but this was a huge deal when I made it, and also for many people who saw it. It proved that we could create an believable animated character integrated into live action here in Norway. I hope I get the chance to work with the Aukrust characters again in the future.

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