Hellboy Animation

About the project

"I humbly confess that many a time I have aspired to imitate Mignola's mysterious style in the design of my films [...] Alas, his hyper-expressionistic lighting is - I've found out - almost impossible to reproduce in a 3-D world."

- Guillermo Del Toro, 'Conqueror Worm' introduction.

"It is always going to be near impossible IMO to get any three dimensional thing (be it sculpture or whatever) to look just like Mike's artwork."

- User on the Comic Book Resources Forum.

Anung Un Rama! In 2003 I needed a break from photorealistic 3D and VFX, and started looking for a personal project with characters and a more alternative style. I am a huge fan of Mike Mignola and his Hellboy character, so I thought it could be a good challenge to re-create his art style in 3D animation. I could only work occasional evenings and weekends, so the test ended up being really short. But it was great fun to do, and a real kick to see Hellboy animate and move in 3D!

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This project won a CGTalk Choice Award.

Hellboy is (c) Mike Mignola.

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