My first 3D Artwork

About the project

I think it's fun to look back at my first 3D graphics, and see what inspired me when I started out. Of course Star Wars sneaks in, but my love of Lego and Pixar films also pops up.

Looking at these render now, they seem very crude compared to how I was drawing at the time on the Commodore 64 and Amiga. I played a bit with 3D on the Amiga, using a program called Sculpt 4D. The only remaining artifact from that period is the graphed out drawing of a space ship, which is how I planned my 3D models back then. But then I discovered 3D Studio on the PC, which let me model and animate a lot faster.

Below are some of the first animations I did, also done in 3D Studio. The flickering on the Death Star was a huge problem, I remember. That was a result of geometry problems when cutting out the Death Star trench. I still wished I could have fixed that...

Note that I signed my animation with MSP, which was the name of the demo-group I was in at the time.

I remember seeing Luxo Jr on the TV, which really wowed me! I was so fascinated by the details in the short, how the shadows moved, the subtle animation on the cord. And of course how a stiff object like a lamp could have personality. I just had to copy it!

The eagle and dinosaur were done after I was hired as a 3D artist at Funcom, which was my first job. A company had released this add-on to 3D Studio that let me do proper soft-tissue animation. That was a huge thing in 1994. The quality of my little dinosaur test impressed me a lot back then, actually I still think it looks kind of cool.

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