Amiga Artwork

About the project

My Amiga output wasn't as large as it was on the C64, because the Amiga was mainly a games machine for me (it had some truly excellent games!). The Amiga was a huge source of inspiration for me, as it had some brilliant artists working on it, and I was really inspired by the work of artists like James Sachs. I also grew very fond of Deluxe Paint, and did a lot of my C64 artwork inside DP, and then transferred it pixel by pixel to the C64. So funnily enough, most of the images on this page were done in parallel to my Commodore 64 artwork.

I tried to get a couple of game projects going. You can see some of that work on this page. The pictures of Rocketeer, Dredd, Robocop and Star Wars was to be in-game artwork for an Amiga version of Split Personalities, a great C64 puzzle game (which I think would make a great phone game). The shoot'em'up images was fram an unfinished game called Cycleburner, programmed by Even Scharning.

The two drawings of an archer and a swordsman are in my opinion two of the worst images I've ever done on a computer! I was being offered a job at a games company called Magicom (later Funcom), and they wanted samples of my work. They sent me some fantasy art they wanted me to redraw on the Amiga. I really hated fantasy art back then, and this is just bad fantasy art.

The animated snowman was also done as a work sample for Magicom. The cool unfinished Ninja, was something I did to try out the animation theory I was reading about (I was a huge Disney fan at the time).

And finally some GUI design for a compositing and 3D package. I read about node-based interfaces in the 1992 Siggraph Conference Proceedings, and I thought it would be amazing to have a compositing and 3D software working in a node-based manner. I did these interface mockup while at Funcom, showing them to the programmers there. Unfortunately no-one was excited by the idea.

It's ironic to see that when I write this (2009) node-based GUIs are fast becoming the standard in 3D and compositing. Had these programmers listened to me, perhaps we would have become software millionaires!

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