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A little side project

Posted: 27. Mar 2007

Trying to finish another hobby project...

I've decided to try and finish off my Stormtrooper model that I started in 2002. Progress is slow when I only have a couple of evenings per week in front of the computer. But the model is shaping up quite nicely.

It's hard finding good research, and I am now at the stage when I'm fiddling with details only hard-core Stormtrooper fans will be able to pick out. But that's what its like being a Star Wars fan :)

Site is official

Posted: 16. Mar 2007
Finally finally FINALLY! After one month of downtime, and after two weeks of waiting for my internet provider to setup my new home - my new website is finally up! Take a good look around, there's plenty of new stuff inside :)

Finally an update!

Posted: 07. Feb 2007
Major site update folks!!

I've been working on this update for over a year now, programming the site from the ground up, and adding some stuff I've been wanting to have on the site. Most obviously I've added this blog (probably while the rest of the world is starting to tire of them), and also a section with tutorials and more technical information. Most importantly, my portfolio is now pretty much up to date, with all the 'new' work I've done since 2003.

Take a look, soak it in, and please give me feedback. Reports of typing errors, praise or critisism: I'd love to hear what you think!

On a more personal note. I'm on the first week of a four week leave, in which I will try my very very best to start writing a couple of scripts. I'll try to update you on the progress of my leave right here on this very blog, so keep this place bookmarked and check in every once in a while. I won't promise anything, but who knows what might pop up!

Cheers, Rune

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