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No news is good news

Posted: 14. Oct 2021

Website on low priority

I've been very busy the past years with all kinds of work, and some of it will eventually find its way into this website. I am not really bothering with updating it that much any more, because who visits websites anyways? Right? Right! If you want to see some recent work, please visit my Twitter and Instagram instead, where I post pixel art and 3D art respectively. I'm not that active there either, to be honest!

Tools keep getting updates

While Super Cubic is pretty much complete for my uses (and unfortunately its development tools are no longer being updated), I still continue work on my other tools. Both Super Simple Tools and Redux Paint have received minor version releases lately. The updates are still in beta, and have not been distributed as I'm writing this. Send me an email in case you've wondering about their status and if you want a more recent version.

The Absence of Eddy Table

My short film has had an amazing festival run, with around 50 official selections and 11 awards, even an Academy Award shortlisting! And the success of Eddy Table is pretty much the reason why I've been so busy these past years. I have a couple exciting projects that are starting up, and I can't wait to show them to you!

The full short film premiered online as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and you can watch it here:

Redux Paint and Eddy Table

Posted: 08. Aug 2017

Redux Paint

The combination of bad weather this summer and discovering Pythonista made it possible for me to do this simple Commodore 64 paint program for the iPad. The code is a mess, and installing it will cause you to loose your sanity - but when that's overcome - you can enjoy pure pixelated painting bliss! Check it out here!

My other tools

Super Cubic and Super Simple Tools will both have updates soon, hopefully before the end of the year. I've soon had enough donations on Super Cubic to afford development to make it multi-threaded. That will be a massive improvement, can't wait to try that! Thank you thank you to everyone who have donated so far! And Super Simple Rig will see more development on a character animation job I am about to start in September/October. More on that later...

The Absence of Eddy Table

My short film is doing the festival circuit, and will do so until December. It's managed to pick up a respectable list of official selections, and even a couple awards on its trip around the world. The irony of making this short, is that I went so much in the red I can't actually afford travelling with it! But I hope the people are enjoying the short, I'm extremely proud of how it plays in theatres. It's truly made for the big screen.

Kaada / Patton - Red Rainbow

We kneaded three minutes of the short film, sprinkled some new footage on the dough, and baked it into this music video. I love how it turned out, hope you like it too:

64-bit Super Cubic and Super Simple Rig update!

Posted: 07. Mar 2016

64-bit Super Cubic

A lot of people are going to be happy now, as the 64-bit version of Super Cubic is finally available! A popular requested feature has been added; Super Cubic can now extract side angles from your pano as well. I'm charging a little bit of money for it, but the 32-bit version is still available for free. Get it quickly, it's 40% off for a limited time.

Super Simple Rig v1.4

My rigging system also has a pretty big update, lots and lots of new stuff in this version. Read the Release History to see what's new and fixed. Highlights are easier finger rigging, scalable rigs and tween slider.

F-35 on Turbo Squid

I have had many requests for the realistic fighter plane model I did some time back. I've updated the model for V-Ray, put in a nice animation rig with a very cool afterburner system. Check it out if you need a realistic looking jet.

Action Toboggan

Finally, a cool little job I just did together with the good guys at VOID. I only had eight days to do the film from start to finish, but it turned out really nice for the short time spent.

Back on Turbo Squid

Posted: 28. Oct 2015

Do you need a sheep?

I'm really happy to finally have a model on Turbo Squid again. I keep getting questions about purchasing my models, so I'm planning on putting a couple of them up for sale in the coming year. First up is a remake of the sheep I made for The Troll Hunter, and next up will probably be the F-35 fighter plane.

Coming attractions

I've added some new character design to the portfolio, with Rimi and a new TV2 nisse being the most recent ones. The short film is in its finishing stages now, with the last shots being sent off to render now in November. Because of that, the new Super Simple Rig update has been on hold for a short while. But the sheep model give a clear hint as to what you will expect in the next version!

Super Cubic update

Some of you have also asked about a 64-bit version og Super Cubic. I have a working build, that seems to be working without problems. I want to add one requested feature to the plugin though before releasing it. The 64-but version is going to cost money, so be prepared for that too!

And in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars season is approaching, and I'm super-excited about The Force Awakens (together with pretty much the rest of the world!). And I even had the opportunity to detail up the 3D Stormtrooper helmet I did way back. It's not painted yet, but should be super-accurate in terms of proportions. I hope you like it!

A bunch of updates

Posted: 22. Dec 2014

It's been 20 years!

This year I'm marking 20 years as a professional 3D artist, starting with my Funcom job in 1994. Looking back, I've done a lot of stuff, but I still don't think I've done my best work - or even done something where I've really stretched my muscles. I'm looking forward to see what the next 20 years might bring.

Super Simple Rig version 1.3

There is a new version of Super Simple Rig inside the tools section. This version adds support for extra limbs, skin saving and has a couple of fixes and GUI improvements. I've also written some pretty extensive documentation for the system, and there is more to come in the future.

Completely redesigned site

I had to re-do the site backend to accommodate the Super Simple Rig documentation, so I decided to also give the site a makeover on the design front. I hope you enjoy the more modern look. I've also updated the gallery with more projects, both old an new, take a look!

From all of me to all of you!

I have also remastered the TV2 nisse bumpers in HD. I improved some of the matte paintings and made tweaks to the overall look. Even though they're almost ten years old, they hold up surprisingly well. And with these bumpers, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!