I am a 3D generalist specializing in characters and design. On this site you can browse a portfolio of my work. I also program as a hobby, and have couple of tools to share. If you want to know what I can do for your project, send me an email at runesuperrune.com.

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Back on Turbo Squid

Posted: 28. Oct 2015

Do you need a sheep?

I'm really happy to finally have a model on Turbo Squid again. I keep getting questions about purchasing my models, so I'm planning on putting a couple of them up for sale in the coming year. First up is a remake of the sheep I made for The Troll Hunter, and next up will probably be the F-35 fighter plane.

Coming attractions

I've added some new character design to the portfolio, with Rimi and a new TV2 nisse being the most recent ones. The short film is in its finishing stages now, with the last shots being sent off to render now in November. Because of that, the new Super Simple Rig update has been on hold for a short while. But the sheep model give a clear hint as to what you will expect in the next version!

Super Cubic update

Some of you have also asked about a 64-bit version og Super Cubic. I have a working build, that seems to be working without problems. I want to add one requested feature to the plugin though before releasing it. The 64-but version is going to cost money, so be prepared for that too!

And in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars season is approaching, and I'm super-excited about The Forca Awakens (together with pretty much the rest of the world!). And I even had the opportunity to detail up the 3D Stormtrooper helmet I did way back. It's not painted yet, but should be super-accurate in terms of proportions. I hope you like it!

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