I am a 3D generalist specializing in characters and design. On this site you can browse a portfolio of my work. I also program as a hobby, and have couple of tools to share. If you want to know what I can do for your project, send me an email at runesuperrune.com.

Visit www.storedyret.com - a creative discussion forum I started in 2000.

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Redux Paint and Eddy Table

Posted: 08. Aug 2017

Redux Paint

The combination of bad weather this summer and discovering Pythonista made it possible for me to do this simple Commodore 64 paint program for the iPad. The code is a mess, and installing it will cause you to loose your sanity - but when that's overcome - you can enjoy pure pixelated painting bliss! Check it out here!

My other tools

Super Cubic and Super Simple Tools will both have updates soon, hopefully before the end of the year. I've soon had enough donations on Super Cubic to afford development to make it multi-threaded. That will be a massive improvement, can't wait to try that! Thank you thank you to everyone who have donated so far! And Super Simple Rig will see more development on a character animation job I am about to start in September/October. More on that later...

The Absence of Eddy Table

My short film is doing the festival circuit, and will do so until December. It's managed to pick up a respectable list of official selections, and even a couple awards on its trip around the world. The irony of making this short, is that I went so much in the red I can't actually afford travelling with it! But I hope the people are enjoying the short, I'm extremely proud of how it plays in theatres. It's truly made for the big screen.

Kaada / Patton - Red Rainbow

We kneaded three minutes of the short film, sprinkled some new footage on the dough, and baked it into this music video. I love how it turned out, hope you like it too:

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