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I specialize in direction and character design for 3D animation. I also do consulting for VFX, occasional illustration work and scripting. If you want to know what I can do for your project, send me an email at

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Super Simple Rig released

The feature film I'm co-directing with Rasmus Sivertsen is nearing its release date. At the moment we're about to start sound mix and grading, and it's going to be some intense weeks before the film is mastered at the end of March. The team has been exceptional, the amount of work they've put in makes the film look twice its budget. I particularily want to thank our render team (Raymond Kreppene, Frode Mohrsen, Thomas Smestad), our animation team (Dani Sappa, Hilde Digernes, Will Ashurst, Yaprak Morali, Morten Øverlie), our tech dev/support Jo Jürgens and the films line producer Fredrik Fottland - all has been working like crazy for one and a half year - often handling conflicting feedback from the two directors. I hope it will be worth it!

And I'm really ecstatic about my next project! I will be directing a short film written and designed by Dave Cooper - who I've been a fan of for many many years. The film will feature Eddy Table, and is a horror-lovestory set in a lush forest. This is a dream come true for me, and I really look forward to show what we are doing!

I put my Super Simple Rig online last week, which is the character rig system I have been developing since late 2008, and used on every character project I've done since then. The system will see a lot of development in order to be ready for the short film, so take a look if you are a 3ds Max rigger/animator.

I've done some minor design changes to the website, and will try and update the gallery as soon as I can. The site should be a little bit friendlier to read and browse. I have also added a list of my most popular pages on the left. Nothing big, but I hope it too will ease site browsing.

superrune, 04. Mar 2013

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