I am a 3D generalist specializing in characters and design. On this site you can browse a portfolio of my work. I also do a bit of programming, and have couple of tools that I share.

If you want to know what I can do for your project, send me an email at runesuperrune.com.

Visit www.storedyret.com - a Norwegian creative discussion forum I started in 2000.

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No news is good news

Posted: 14. Oct 2021

Website on low priority

I've been very busy the past years with all kinds of work, and some of it will eventually find its way into this website. I am not really bothering with updating it that much any more, because who visits websites anyways? Right? Right! If you want to see some recent work, please visit my Twitter and Instagram instead, where I post pixel art and 3D art respectively. I'm not that active there either, to be honest!

Tools keep getting updates

While Super Cubic is pretty much complete for my uses (and unfortunately its development tools are no longer being updated), I still continue work on my other tools. Both Super Simple Tools and Redux Paint have received minor version releases lately. The updates are still in beta, and have not been distributed as I'm writing this. Send me an email in case you've wondering about their status and if you want a more recent version.

The Absence of Eddy Table

My short film has had an amazing festival run, with around 50 official selections and 11 awards, even an Academy Award shortlisting! And the success of Eddy Table is pretty much the reason why I've been so busy these past years. I have a couple exciting projects that are starting up, and I can't wait to show them to you!

The full short film premiered online as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and you can watch it here:

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